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Proverbs 10:10 NASB

I’ve wondered what Solomon experienced that came to mind as he penned this verse. Perhaps the equivalent to Solomon’s “wink” in the New Testament was the “deceivers kiss.” I certainly see them representing very similar ideas. There is a reason that for 2000 years no one in their right mind has named their child Judas. The idea that on that first Good Friday he would walk up to the beloved master and betray Him with a kiss goes down as one of the most evil and cowardly acts in history. Maybe the idea of the deceiver’s wink is not that bad but when considered, we see it has similar implications. Unless it is done with the fun idea of being in cahoots with a child it usually implies something being pulled over on another person or making light of the other person. That’s not a good look. Back to the betrayer. It’s speculated that Judas’ betrayal was not truly for money alone. Some theologians believe he was trying to force Jesus to fight back and call down His kingdom. Others believed he did it because he was disappointed in where things were headed with Jesus. We can be prone to believe both – trying to get Jesus to hurry up and do what we want or turning on Him because He’s no doing what we wanted. Today, reflect on who Jesus really is to you and commit to allowing Him to be who He is in your life. #BeTheEdge