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Proverbs 10:10 NASB

Josh was a winker. I never liked winkers – they always seemed to be up to something. When they would say something to someone else and then wink at me, I felt they were silently bringing me into their deception or disrespect. Winking, unless it’s flirtatious (which is a whole other conversation) is like prefacing a comment with “honestly” or “seriously”. It often means the opposite. Scripture, in numerous places, makes it very clear that we should say what we mean and mean what we say. It’s also clear that making fun of another or treating them as inferior is not an option for a Christ follower. At the last supper, Jesus modeled what a lowly position we all share in relation to others by washing the disciples’ feet. Kindness, thoughtfulness, and deferring to others should be the Christ follower’s default position. Today, operate with the understanding that the last shall be first and the ones the world calls the least our Heavenly Father calls the greatest. #BeTheEdge