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Proverbs 12:17 NIV

Yesterday we focused on Solomon’s instruction to be kind. Today he challenges us to tell the truth. In preparing to deliver a message on kindness I found myself fully engaged on the discipline of truth telling as a part of being kind. The key to kind truth telling is that it must only be done in love. To tell the truth without love as a motivation is legalistic and harsh. Conversely to love with out the truth being involved is simply a gentle lie. One of the worst kinds. Being kind reflects the truth even without words. It shows the intrinsic value of a person with no qualifiers or judgment. Every person is valuable as a creation of the all powerful and all loving God therefore, in being kind, whether it is deserved or not, is reflecting the love of their creator. To not be kind to a person is buying into the lie about them that they are not deserving of your kindness and unconditional love. No doubt there are times when the most loving thing we can do is rebuke or even distance ourselves from someone. That is truth living which is as important as truth telling. Living a life of God’s truth in a hostile world of lies is difficult at times. Jesus called Himself The Truth. For us to live the alternative is unthinkable as a follower of His. Today reflect His truth. #BeTheEdge


“I am…the truth…” Jesus