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Proverbs 12:28 NIV

As I read the Old Testament I tend to forget that so many concepts that I take into the meaning of what is written were not understood by the original reader and hearer of the words. For example before Jesus, when life was referred to in OT writings they did not understand the concept of eternal life that Jesus introduced to the world. They looked for a good, healthy, rewarding physical life on earth. As we read these verses we grasp what was only a cloudy concept to the original reader and writer. The righteousness of God, that covers the follower of the resurrected Christ, gives life eternal. Immortality, though challenging to grasp, is a truth comfortably owned by today’s Christ follower. So many other truths foreign or even missing from the understanding of those who lived and followed God before Jesus, are taken for granted as basic truth by many of us today. The gift comes with a higher level of responsibility. As those who know the sacrifice made for our sin we carry a heavier responsibility to avoid it. The depth of biblical understanding we are given from this side of the cross brings a responsibility to learn the truth and live it. Today live in the power of the cross with an eye on eternity. #BeTheEdge


“I am the way and the truth and the life.” Jesus