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Proverbs 14:13 NASB

This is one of the saddest verses in the Bible to me. To realize the vast number of people who smile, laugh, cut up and then lie in bed at night and cry themselves to sleep. There are millions among us who exist in some variation of this nightmare. I used to work with kids. I know what makes them feel sad, alone, scared, and anxious. It would wreck my heart thinking of the depth of sadness and loneliness they existed in. Now, although I’m a volunteer with teenagers in the True North club ministry at local high schools, I work more with adults through The Edge ministry. One thing that has become very apparent is that many adults are struggling with the same heart wrenching emptiness I saw in kids. The biggest difference is that many adults have given up on a solution and try to numb the hurt with artificial relief. Alcohol, illicit sex, being driven to grow their wealth, even trying for the perfect marriage or kids become attempts to mask the pain. All these become clear for what they are when they are seen in the light of Gods love. Our pain is only healed by the true Healer. When God enters our story healing happens, brokenness is repaired, and loneliness is cured. Today, find true joy in your Heavenly Father and reflect that to others. #BeTheEdge