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Proverbs 14:6 NIV


I know this guy. Well actually I know both of them. You probable do too. The mocker I know is classic. He is arrogant, prideful and knows more than anyone else. He is never wrong. If you read that description and felt a twinge it’s ok, this person does not receive the daily Proverb devo. He saw one once and spent a considerable amount of time telling me I was wrong. His argument was not so much with the devotional thought as it was with the verse. After listening patiently I finally held up my hand in a surrender gesture knowing I would never change his mind and told him kindly, “Look, I’m fine with you having that opinion. You have clearly communicated that your disagreement is not with me but with what God says in this verse so argue with Him.” After a pause he said, “Oh, ok.” No one can truly give wisdom other than the source of it. Peter tells us, “God resists the proud.” So until some humility breaks through they will continue in their arrogant ignorance. I pray daily for them and sadly anticipate what challenge will have to occur in their life to break through that pride. Today live with the awareness that God longs for all hearts to connect with Him so pray and love, don’t argue. #BeTheEdge


“God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”” James 4:6b NIV