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Proverbs 16:12 NIV

I saw a story on the news yesterday about a guy going into a drugstore and filling a garbage bag full of things from the shelves and walking out with it right in front of a police officer who did nothing. I could not believe how brazen the criminal was and how handicapped our system made the officer. If you see someone do wrong and a sense of disappointment or, even more, disgust rises up in you that is a sign of God’s  spirit within. Solomon reminds us that we serve a righteous God. Scripture clearly tells us He is about truth and justice. Sometimes we are tempted to allow a misconception of the love of God to distort the truth of who He is as a God of justice. There is no future in a world of loving kindness that does not include an understanding that God is a God of righteousness too. He tells us that we are always to couple truth with love. It is true that truth without love is legalism but love without truth is a lie. Love without truth is bad theology that opens the door for pro-abortion, sexual and gender confusion, easy divorce and many other destructive teachings that are being welcomed into the church today. It is not loving to misrepresent our righteous God to a lost, hurting and broken world. Today speak the truth in love. #BeTheEdge


“Instead, speaking the truth in love…” Ephesians‬ ‭4:15‬a NIV‬‬