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Proverbs 16:20 NASB

I am always fascinated by people who, even though they don’t have a personal relationship with God, know truths from His word and operate their lives in accordance with them. I have watched the success they have as a result and marvel at the power of His truth in action. It shows that the wisdom of God is true regardless of what a person believes about the author. Some of the most successful people I know in business operate by God’s principles that they learned along the way, without knowing God Himself; that shows the power of His truth. When I have seen a person or business operate with God’s truths, who also acknowledges the God of those truths, it is an awesome, inspiring, and life-changing scene. God’s truth is sound, but a life lived in vital union with the Creator of the universe, who is Truth Himself, is transformative. Today, live according to God’s word, acknowledge the Author, and live with the power He brings to the journey. #BeTheEdge