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Proverbs 16:4 NASB

Let me just say I don’t want to contradict your mom or your teachers. That being said, I must disagree with something I suspect one or both have told you in the past. You cannot be anything you want. I could never be a star in the NBA – not for lack of effort. I spent many hours practicing in the alley behind my childhood home and on the court as a member of my junior high team. In high school, unknown to me, my tennis coach talked to the basketball coach and asked him to encourage me to focus on tennis. When I told my basketball coach that I didn’t really care what the tennis coach told him, he told me that he was in agreement with the tennis coach. Incidentally, the football coach called me in and had the same conversation with me after my one day as a football player. God made me for a purpose. Professional basketball and football, actually all professional sports, was not that purpose.  God made all of us to uniquely fill a role no one else can. Today, celebrate that purpose and pursue it with your entire being.