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Proverbs 19:3 NASB

Blaming others for our self-inflicted problems and difficulties is something that has always gone on but seems to have grown significantly worse in the past decade or so. There’s even brain science that indicates blaming someone else, including God, for the consequences of our foolishness and sin can become habit forming. As we fall into this behavior the intensity of our anger grows. It can become generational in nature, as well. There is a line in the movie, “God’s Not Dead,” where an atheist professor explodes when questioned by his Christian student and screams, “I hate God!” The student quietly responds asking, “How can you hate someone you say doesn’t exist?” It’s a powerful moment of realization. The professor blames God for bad experiences in his life. That is an understandable response. However, as we get to know God, we realize that most of the bad things in our lives have come as a result of our choices, not His. It can also be the consequence of not knowing God or of not grasping His sovereign design. Choosing to live in the truth of God’s love and presence in our sin filled, broken, and fallen world brings a sense of peace that helps us navigate hard things. It also frees us up to look for answers apart from the bondage of the angry blame game. Today, look to God for understanding, forgiveness, help, and answers. He will set you free. #BeTheEdge

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