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Proverbs 21:22 NASB

In Jesus’ day, He was surrounded by a generation of people who looked to money, status, work, military might, or religious rules and traditions for justification for their lives. Today, we find a long list that includes money, power, success, popularity, and a long list of other things can bring a false sense of worth and value to our lives. I say false because any one of them can be gone tomorrow and leave us empty and alone. I tell teens that even their best friend or parent can let them down or be gone tomorrow. There are only a few guarantees in life; it’s not death and taxes, although death is a guarantee. The biggest guarantee is that there is a God, and we are not Him. The wisest people I know live in the realization of those two truths. Some of them are phenomenally successful in a variety of areas – business, athletics, film, etc. They enjoy their success, but not too much. They are wise enough to remove the tentacles that would enslave their heart, and they keep a loose grip on their gifts and talents. They recognize the source of each and serve God rather than their talents and gifts. As a result, God uses them and their platforms. Today, be thankful for all God has gifted you with but remember they are gifts that could be gone tomorrow.