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Proverbs 23:16 NIV

“The truth is important. It can be a matter of life or death. My story proves that.” – Tahmid Khan

I often include a quote from some notable person in these daily devotional thoughts. You may wonder why this guys quote matters. Fair question. In July 2016, Tahmid Khan was visiting Bangladesh when a horrifying series of events led to his arrest and imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. It took months for the truth to break through and for him to be aquitted of the crime. His arrest was based on a picture of him standing on the roof of a building occupied by terrorists who were holding hostages. He and another young man who were hostages were sent onto the roof holding empty guns to see if the security forces would fire at them. Thankfully they didn’t, but that single picture started a narrative on social media that spilled into the mainstream media that falsely painted him a terrorist. He describes how others bringing the facts and truth to the story finally led to his freedom. This is a great example of Solomons message here. When we witness others sharing truth it should encourage us to our soul. The only time falsehood should cause us pleasure is if we are complicit in that untruth or we are walking out of alignment with Gods will. Jesus called Himself “The Truth”. It should always be our hearts desire to see it, hear it and celebrate it. Even when it’s painful. Today be a truth teller and a truth celebrater. #BeTheEdge


“I am…the truth…” Jesus