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Proverbs 23:4 NIV

In the New International Version of the Bible, this chapter has nine verses that start with the words, “Do not…” It is certainly a warning sign. We don’t like to be told what not to do, and some of us don’t mind being told what to do, either. The old phrase, “You can’t make me” has been said many times by countless people over the years. A lot of us may never say it, but we certainly have it on our mind or in our spirit at times. Our fallen nature, that was birthed in rebellion against the one and only rule God gave Adam and Eve, pushes us toward an attitude of rebellion wherever possible, even when what God wants for us is for our best. What the Holy Spirit brings into our life is transformation that leads to a willingness to walk in unity with God’s call on our journey. We grow to a place of not only blind acceptance of His boundaries in our story, but also to an understanding of His greater plan and the power to walk in that plan. We will always be tempted to push against His standards, but as we age, hopefully we discover His way is always better. In the end, He is committed to get all of us to conform to His perfect image. We just determine if it will be kicking and screaming or peacefully in harmony with His will. Today, walk in His revealed truth and celebrate life. #BeTheEdge