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Proverbs 23:9 NASB

Not everyone who is hurting or broken is a fool, although many fools eventually end up that way. The challenge is to discern the genuine fool. Webster says a fool is “a person lacking in judgment or prudence.” I’m pretty sure that you already knew that, but we tend to act like we don’t. As a side note, I have seriously limited my contact on social media because fools tend to show off there as clearly as anywhere else. At times you may seek to genuinely help a person who comes into your story. After a while you may discover that no matter how much wisdom you share and kindness you show, the person is continuing with foolish behavior. It is quite possible that your good will is actually prolonging their journey to destruction. Sometimes we feel good about investing in those who refuse to grow, and we may actually continue our rescue attempts as a somewhat selfish behavior without truly being willing to practice tough love and allow them to fall. For true resurrection there has to first be a death. That can be hard to watch. Today, allow God to lead you on where to pray and step in, and where to step back and pray. #BeTheEdge