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Proverbs 24:10 NIV

Solomon is not taking a shot at those who get overwhelmed by life. He’s not even necessarily being hard on the quitter, although he certainly is not embracing the strategy either. Here he us clearly reminding us by a simple question that in times of trouble our chosen source of strength better be up to the task of getting us through. If our strength is dependant on us alone then we will not only falter we will eventually be beaten. If our source of strength is in our abilities coupled with Gods strength we will potentially last longer but again when our abilities reach their predictable end we will fail. However, if our trust is entirely in the endless strength of our God we are guaranteed to prevail. His definition of prevailing may differ from ours but it is guaranteed to be the one we ultimately want. The old Degarmo and Key sing said, “You’ve heard it said God helps those who help themselves but I tell you God helps the helpless and leaves the rest to help themselves.” If you’ve ever been in a helpless situation you are grateful for that truth. If you haven’t discovered yourself helpless you may still be deceived into believing that any resource you trust in now can rescue you. It can’t. It will one day be gone. Today enlarge your strength infinitely by trusting solely in Almighty God. #BeTheEdge


“God takes the side of the helpless; when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.” Psalm‬ ‭116:6‬ ‭MSG‬