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Proverbs 24:11 NASB

There is an intentional application of this verse to both the physical and spiritual world. The saying, “He who neglects to save a life, kills,” should lay heavy on the Christian’s heart. God did not rescue us to move through life ignoring the hurt, pain, and suffering around us. To say we don’t see it is a lie. It is what is known as “the sin of negligence.” There are plenty of hurting people within our sphere of influence. We may find it difficult to face; understandably, we may find it overwhelming to consider. It can be easy to close our eyes, but it is impossible to deny. We often hide behind the thinking that it is the job of the church or government to handle it. We give them money to do just that. However, the question – “Has the church done its best to deliver these?” – needs to be sharpened to the point of “Have I done my best?” God does not let us pass this responsibility off to any other group or person. Today, look around and see where you are called to help. Someone’s life or eternity may depend on you. #BeTheEdge