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Proverbs 24:29 NIV

There can be a strong urge to get even when we have been wronged. The temptation is often to do to the one who wrongs us what they did to us or worse. The fact that what they did was not right means we are considering doing something we know to be wrong. Think about what that means. We not only want to commit a sinful action, we somehow feel justified because it has been done to us first. An eye for an eye almost sounds biblical. God’s counsel for His followers today runs contrary to the “ get even” desire of the wounded soul. He instructs us to do things like “turn the other cheek” or leave the vengeance to Him. He knows that when we respond to hurtful, sinful behavior we are twice the victim. First when it is done to us and secondly when we walk willfully into sin and away from His Holy purpose and witness in our life. No one is truly drawn to God’s kingdom by witnessing His children exacting revenge, no matter how justified it may seem.  Love, kindness, the power of forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation are just a few of the characteristics the watching world needs to see to recognize the God we serve and the savior they long for. Today reflect on the wrong you’ve done that nailed Jesus to the cross and allow His forgiveness to be seen in your response to a wrong suffered. #BeTheEdge


“…Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Jesus