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Proverbs 25:13 NASB

In Solomon’s day, the locals in Lebanon would store winter snow under the cliffs of the mountains and later bring it to town to cool their drinks during the heat of May and June. I remember a trip to Europe and discovering very odd looks when I requested ice in my drink. I was not a fan of lukewarm soft drinks or water. Cold drinks on a hot day are a gift. Having served in a ministry for over 40 years that requires donors to survive, I learned how exciting it is to the donors and a blessing whenever they heard reports of people coming to Christ, and of the lives and families being healed as a result of God’s work through the ministry and the support which they provided. I rejoice to be able to see someone being brought from spiritual death to life in front of my eyes, but I marvel at the genuine joy on the faces of those who sent me with their support when they receive reports on God’s power at work. It refreshes the soul like a cold drink on a hot summer day. Today, rejoice in God’s work, be a faithful sender where He calls you to be, and spread joy. #BeTheEdge.

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