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Proverbs 25:8 NASB

The pressures of today have not necessarily caused people to start making bad decisions. We have watched as very important people make hasty decisions and then reverse those decisions numerous times within a few months, some within a few days. What we are witnessing is expedited decision making, revealing leaders’ flawed processes much more quickly. Many people, especially politicians, have a long history of changing their opinions. We call it flip-flopping. Evolving opinions are natural; in fact, they are usually a sign of maturity. Sometimes, though, they indicate a lack of moral or a spiritual core. Biblical wisdom calls us to run our decision making through a grid of eternal truth born from the mind of our Creator. This is a powerful way to live and those who make this their practice are powerful people to follow. Today, listen to the voice of God, and be patient in your decision making. #BeTheEdge