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Proverbs 26:11 NASB

Can you imagine being one of the shepherds in the field when the night sky filled with brilliant light, surrounded by angels as far as the eye can see? Imagine that they are singing to you and declaring the birth of the Savior, telling you that you need to hustle off and go see Him. Then the next day you head back to the pasture and your sheep as if nothing happened. No way. Those guys were transformed for the rest of their days. They would never sit in that field the same way again. At the very least, their eyes would be constantly drifting heavenward in anticipation of another angelic visit. They had to have been in awe after seeing the baby boy born in a local manger, and then witnessing the impact He had on others as He grew to be a man. The point is, they were never the same again after encountering the baby that night. What about us? I mean we have encountered Him and allowed His life to change ours at some point. Are we still living with the reality of who He is to guide our story? Do we have our mind on things above or are we drifting back to who we were before that encounter? Today, as you move past another Christmas experience allow it to continue drawing you toward Him, away from sin and guide your influence on others. #BeTheEdge


“Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” Colossians 3:2 NASB