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Proverbs 27:7 NASB

I’m on a diet. Like a lot of people, and as a diabetic for almost 40 years, I’ve pretty much always been on a diet of some sort. My favorite diet was the see-food diet. You know – when I would see food, I would eat it. It was not very productive. For the past 6 months I’ve been on a low carb diet. On this diet, things I would not eat (because there was always an option available that I much preferred) have become my go-to treats. For example, cookies and M&Ms were never far away. Now it’s almonds. I only ate almonds before if I couldn’t find anything else, which meant I never ate almonds. Here is what I’ve learned. Too much or even plenty makes us fat, lazy, and comfortable. Need or lack in an area helps us to appreciate what we have and the small gifts we get. Jesus’s reference to the difficulty a wealthy person has in getting into heaven is not necessarily a knock on the rewards of diligent, hard work. It is a reminder of the distraction and misplaced focus we can be tempted into. We can forget the simple pleasures God gives us and even lose the awareness that, no matter how much we have, except for His grace and blessing, we are paupers and empty. Today, say a prayer of thanks for the great gifts, no matter how simple they seem, that God showers on all of us daily. #BeTheEdge