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Proverbs 28:20 NASB

I was surprised a few years ago when discussing what being blessed looks like. I worked with people in a variety of settings from differing socioeconomic conditions. The answers varied widely but they all had in common one of two things. Either the person found blessing in simple satisfying things or seemed to always be looking for it but not quite there yet. The dictionary tells us blessing is, “something that makes a person happy or content.” Wow. Talk about a wide-open answer. What makes you happy and content? To some it is material possessions or a perceived level of wealth. To others it can be family and good health. I would hazard a guess that Jesus traveled the world not only being a complete blessing but knowing He was totally blessed. Seldom did He make someone wealthy. Often, He healed them physically or met a physical need, and always, if they would receive it, He healed their spirit. Find your blessing and contentment in Him. Today, heal where you can, love often, bless always, and #BeTheEdge!