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Proverbs 28:5 NASB

That sounds tempting – understanding everything. It’s seems a bit god-like actually. There is a big (endless, actually) gap between knowing and understanding. “Knowledge is something that you accumulate through learning. Understanding is something that you know because you have lived through it…. Direct experience gives you understanding. You should give more importance to the things you learn by experiencing them yourself rather than the knowledge learned.” As we grow in our time with Jesus, we begin to see Who He is and how He operates. We learn more of what is in His word and, as we practice those truths, we gain in the understanding of how those truths begin to flesh out in our life of faith. In short, we gain understanding of His sovereign design in all things in our story as we walk with Him through the years. One reason scripture calls church leaders ‘Elders’ rather than something else is that there is no short cut to maturity. There is so much to learn in our journey with God. Today, seek Him in all you do and walk by faith in all you learn. #BeTheEdge


“Wisdom is with aged men; with long life is understanding.” Job 12:12