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Proverbs 28:9 NASB

If someone is mean to us, we either are mean back, or we ignore them. At least those are the typical responses – very human and at times effective responses. We often unintentionally ascribe human emotions and responses to God. Scripture does make it clear that God experiences joy, sadness and many other emotions. I want to call them human emotions, but reality says they are God emotions that humans were given from Him. However, in this verse it is helpful to realize that God is not reacting with human instinct and emotion. In a very real way God, who designed us, understands that as we sin and ignore Him, the greatest way to love us is to allow us the full effect of distance with Him. He chooses to not hear or respond to our prayer when we cherish and hold onto our sin and disobedience. He knows that the longing for Him that He built into us will ultimately lead us to forsake our sin and the distance between us and return – repentant and ready to reconcile with Him. Today, if you sense distance between yourself and the Savior, search your heart; where there is sin, repent and return. He is waiting with open arms. #BeTheEdge