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Proverbs 29:27

It used to be normal in the Christian community to say we hate the sin but we love the sinner. Then it became really politically incorrect to say that even within the church. It became very confusing to express how we felt about sin in the life of those around us and how we felt about the person. It can still be difficult. But God makes it clear that we hate evil. Well, he makes it clear that he hates evil and we certainly should see it the same way he does. God also makes it clear that he loves everyone and desires that at all of us would come to know Him. We certainly should do the same there as well. It really doesn’t matter what word you use as long as you are clear that sin is sin and it is detestable because it is the very thing that nailed our savior to the cross. At the same time it should be very clear that there’s no one God doesn’t love and long for a relationship with. I think the difficulty comes because it seems to be accepting of the sin when we treat the sinner kindly and with love. A couple truths I’ve discovered over the years. First, we are all sinners. Mine may be more socially acceptable but the sin that drove the nails into Jesus hands are all the same: evil. Second, if you are worried that loving the sinner might convey acceptance of their sin relax. I assure you, if they know you they are pretty sure to be aware of your position on sin and if they are not, they will hear it better from a kind friend than a harsh judge. Today don’t compromise your life with evil behavior but cover your truth with love and let the Holy Spirit do the convicting. #BeTheEdge


“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” Jesus