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Proverbs 30:7 NASB

There are a lot of truths in these 13 words. A lesson on prayer. How about the presumption put forward to the Creator of the universe? Lots to learn here, but today I am particularly struck by the boldness in this prayer. The writer has a deep sense of what could take him down in life. He clearly and boldly asks (maybe tells) his Creator what He wants Him to do. The honesty of this prayer should embolden us to ask for God’s protection from ourselves and the world around us; the temptations we have within our fallen nature and the pressures that eternal forces will bring on us. God wants us to turn to Him for help. When we trust in our own strength we are destined to fall. There’s an old song by Degarmo and Key that says, “You’ve heard it said God helps those who help themselves but, I tell you, God helps the helpless and leaves the rest to help themselves.” Today, recognize the power in our story comes from the Author and trust in a Him alone. #BeTheEdge