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Proverbs 30:9 NASB

Currently, people who previously did not have interest in eternal things are now pondering them. It is true of those who know God as much as those who don’t. When life is sweet, we don’t really remember its potential to implode at any moment. When it does, there is something inside each of us that pushes us to look beyond our usual resources for help. It is in that moment that God patiently and lovingly waits. During the years I pastored, I became acutely aware that more people turned to God for answers during funerals than any other life occurrence. People were confronted with the eternal existential questions of ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here? (and) ‘Where am I going?’ They realized that all too often they came up empty at best or scared witless at worst with what they discovered. As a nation, and even individually, many of us have become kind of spiritually fat and sassy. Generally speaking, we possess enough knowledge of God to be accepted in polite society. Many were chasing things that seemed just out of reach and saw God as a problem getting those things, if they saw Him at all. Today, recognize that however much or little you have, neither position matters if God is not preeminent in your story. #BeTheEdge