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Proverbs 3:12 NASB

A few days ago in church I got a whoopin’. Didn’t love it. But, in all honesty I definitely needed it. I was reminded of how big God is and how little my perceived troubles are. I admit I liked the idea that my troubles are huge, and everyone needs to know about them and do something to help me. Nope, that’s not reality. Reality is that the Sovereign God of all eternity is about big things and I’m a part of His kingdom work. My “troubles” fall under His divine work. My life verse is from Romans and says, “All things work together for the good…” Doesn’t say Kevin’s good, it’s talking about the Kingdom good. Ultimately, with a proper view, that is my good too. I needed to hear that. I don’t love the momentary ramifications. I do love the big view of who God is. That was my correction. Today, what is the God who loves you looking to correct in your story? Allow Him to – it is what He does with those He loves. #BeTheEdge