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Proverbs 3:8 NIV

Hold on tight. Time for a little science, biology to be exact. Anyway, the word used for “body” in this verse is actually “navel”. Body is a good rendering however, with the change we do lose a bit of the depth of this truth. As the renowned theologian Adam Clarke put it, “…it is by the umbilical cord that the fetus receives its nourishment all the time it is in the womb of the mother. It receives nothing by the mouth, nor by any other means…and the circulation of the blood kept up. When, therefore, the wise man says, that “trusting in the Lord with the whole heart…shall be health to the navel, and marrow to the bones” he in effect says, that this is as essential to the life of God in the soul of man, and to the continual growth in grace, as the umbilical cord is to the life and growth of the fetus in the womb. Without the latter, no human being could ever exist or be born; without the former, no true religion can ever be found.” I could add that the next part of this verse uses the word nourishment for the more exact “marrow”. I’ll let someone who really understands the science explain that. Suffice it to say that Solomon really, really wants us aware that the depth of the need for us to be connected to Christ to grow is vital and indispensable. Today, stay connect to the only source of real life. #BeTheEdge

“Jesus answered, “I am…the life.””