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Proverbs 4:3 NASB

When I think about the source of Proverbs, I get a great picture of not only God sharing His wisdom through Solomon, but I think of Solomon too. He was a King of Israel, incredibly wealthy, and obviously wise beyond description. The thing is, as much as I admire Solomon, I get really fired up about his dad, King David. This guy conquered and ruled. He killed bears, lions, and a giant warrior with only a slingshot and rocks. Then he led the rabble against the king’s army and won. His stories of bravery and victory are the stuff of legend. The lost world knows David of the Bible maybe as much as they do Jesus. Some perhaps even more accurately than what they know of Jesus. So, when Solomon writes that a lot of his wisdom comes straight from his father, King David, I get fired up. David never wrote a book. With all that conquering, leading, and ruling, who has time to write a book of wise sayings! Who is teaching and mentoring you? Better still, who are you teaching and mentoring? Today, check the source of wisdom and inspiration in your journey. Along with that, be intentional about whom and with what you are leading others. #BeTheEdge