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Proverbs 4:4 NIV

I’ve always been intrigued by the meanings of the original words in the original languages of scripture. I love our translations and do find a fullness of meaning by reading more than one. Most of them them do a good job in bringing them alive in our languages today. I especially appreciate The Amplified Bible which is a bit longer read but gives a fuller understanding of the meaning of key words. The original for “take hold” in this verse for example can perhaps best be understood in a broader way when we see that the original word means to “retain, to sustain, to obtain” and I especially like “to keep fast”. The Hebrew word appears 21 times in the OT. The implication is very much like we find in John 15 where Jesus tells us to “abide” in Him. The word similarly means to dwell, to reside, to remain permanently, always and forever. In clear terms it means to take up permanent residence in Him. Solomon tells us the same thing in this verse. Grab hold of God and His truth and never let go. They both promise life as a result. Jesus goes further and forecasts death for those who don’t. Today cling to God and His Word and live. #BeTheEdge

“Very truly I tell you, whoever obeys my word will never see death.” Jesus