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Proverbs 6:16 NASB

When a parent disciplines a child, very seldom is that child’s first response, “Wow, Mom and Dad really love me!” It’s true that, as parents, we may initially be disciplining out of anger, disappointment, or even convenience at times. At discipline’s core, hopefully, is love for the child’s development and welfare; essentially – love. When we see that God hates sin (no real stunner there), we can tend to ascribe human motives and limitations on Him, but unlike us, God has flawless control over His emotions and reactions. God hates what sin does to His children. He hates it passionately. He loves us passionately so He must hate the sin that hurts us. Christmas is the purest look at God’s love for us and hatred of sin. Knowing the power of sin to destroy our lives, He sent His innocent son to be born that first Christmas Day to ultimately free us from the power of sin and its ultimate conclusion of death. Today, join Him in His hatred of sin in our lives and celebrate and live in the power of His victory over it.