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Proverbs 6:4 NASB

I recently read an article about siblings being estranged from each other. One of the stories I read went like this: “We had an argument – it was over some idiot disagreement on social media. She (my sister) slowly stopped calling and didn’t even bother calling me or texting me on my birthday.” Years later they could not remember what the argument was about, but they still were not talking or seeing one another. A number of other stories were about drama that they could also no longer recall. There are a lot of broken, wounded, or souring relationships that could heal quickly if one party would humble themselves, seek forgiveness, and let go of the instigating issue. Many times, I have allowed someone to bruise my ego or self-esteem, oftentimes unknowingly to the other person, and I immediately create distance. Jesus was brutally attacked…by you. Many of you might have thought I was going to say the religious leaders or the Romans, which would have been an easy mistake. Yes, it was a centurion who whipped Him, slammed the crown of thorns on His head, and ultimately drove the spikes in His hands and feet. But the reality is that it was our sin that did those things to Him. If you have never sinned you can ignore this, but if you are human, you are the guilty one. And He has forgiven you, welcomed you back, and rejoices in your presence with him. Today, it’s time to do the same. #BeTheEdge