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Proverbs 7:25 NASB

This verse is speaking about a foolish young man led astray by a prostitute. That is not something many of us are tempted by. Sometimes we can be fooled into believing that because we have a few years on us, or because we live in a smaller community, we are immune from the Old Testament sins that Solomon warns about. We are not. I once heard Jay Kessler, the former president of Taylor University, say, “Today’s junior high student faces more temptation on their way to and from school than our grandfathers did going out looking for it on Saturday night.” Can I get an amen? We all battle temptation of all sorts. Satan did not quit when Jesus rose from the grave. He elevated the battle. In this spiritual battle we all need a Savior. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A man who was completely innocent offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act.” This is where we find ourselves, needing this kind of a redeemer. Today, stand against temptation, but when you fall, turn quickly and humbly to your Savior. #BeTheEdge