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Proverbs 8:17 NIV


I appreciate every verse in Proverbs. That goes without saying. However as a book it is very instructive and has a lot of content correcting bad behavior, pointing out dangers and rebuking evil and the’s necessary. Because of that though I really enjoy when I come across a verse like todays. It is so positive and has such a powerful assurance and promise. God’s love and His guarantee of being found are probably the best of the books reminders. Love attracts love. God is love and He equips His followers with His love. He also rewards those who seek Him. Some theologians see in this verse the value of starting young in the instruction of His truth. Though this is important most also agree that this verse encourages the intense, consistent and disciplined search for God in His truth and teachings. I have known many who have come to Christ later in life. Their fervent commitment and study have produced a powerful life of love and understanding that impacts their world for eternity. Today seek God with a fervor that represents His value to your journey. #BeTheEdge


“…seek and you will find…” Jesus