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Proverbs 8:4 NASB

Most of the time, God speaks softly into our world, but at times He shouts. Today is one of the loud times. It has been said that in normal times (whatever that is) people will comfortably deny God and His existence, but when the ground shakes everyone looks up. There is something built into mankind that, at some point in each person’s journey, compels us to cry out for God. Pascal called it a ‘God shaped vacuum.’ God has been revealing Himself to man since Adam and Eve in the garden. The writer of Romans tells He can be clearly seen through His creation. To ignore or deny the Creator is the height of pride and ignorance. To recognize Him in creation can only lead to worship and praise. God is in the midst of today’s battles revealing Himself to those who would see; the intricate nature of science as it discovers what He has placed within our world for them to find. He is in the selfless acts of love by those placing their lives in jeopardy to help the sickest among us. He is revealing Himself, shouting if you will, in the acts and moments of this moment. Jesus said on numerous occasions, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Hear Him saying that today and let’s all listen. He wants us to know Him and His heart more than we even want to know it. During this storm look up. Today, hear His voice and obey. #BeTheEdge