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Proverbs 8:6 NASB

One of the things I really love about Jesus’ teaching is how He seemed to always stay above the fray. I mean, seriously, there was an unbelievable level of disgust, distrust, and evil in the government and religious power of His day. Yet He managed to avoid it because, in light of what was truly important, it didn’t matter. What seemed important to Him, the Son of God, was much deeper and more character related than the politics and religious arguments of the day. When we are confronted about the question of taxes, we seem to fight from two extreme views – between socialism and “don’t touch one red cent of my money.” When Jesus was questioned about His position on taxes, He told Peter to go fishing. He told him the first fish he caught would have a coin in its mouth, and to give it to the person whose picture was on the coin. When confronted about whose religion was right, He told the woman at the well that it didn’t matter. He stayed above, way above, the ignoble issues that divide us. He focused on the eternal. Today, let’s refuse to be dragged down to the dirt and keep our minds focused on things above. #BeTheEdge


“Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth.” Paul (Col 3:2)