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Our mission is to help business leaders influence their corporate culture for the Kingdom.

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The Edge Daily sends a daily verse from Proverbs, along with an uplifting interpretation of how that verse can be applied to our daily lives.

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Join us in a time of reflection and growth through our daily proverbs that provide applicable advice to the challenge of sharing your message in the workpalce.

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The Edge offers multiple opportunities for business leaders to gain knowledge and fellowship with other Christian leaders in the workplace.

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We recognize many Christian leaders want to share their faith in the workplace but need the tools to do it effectively. Our mission here is to provide resources through our app, coaching, and daily devotionals to inspire leaders and spread the gospel in their work environment. We are a ministry that gives itself away, all of our services and materials are free for amyomne to use. Our organization relies on the support of our peers and community. If you would like to donate to our program, please follow the link below.

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Live Christ

We believe that when leaders set apart Christ as Lord of their life, people will ask them about the hope within them.  We believe that often the gospel begins with the lost asking us “why we live the way we do” and not us asking them “why they live the way they do.”


When a business leader knows their identity in Christ, that is, who they are and what God created them to do, they discover a confidence that influences all their relationships.  It is In that identity that they discover the joy and what they should be doing.


Integrity is more important than ever.  We teach leaders to tell the truth, to tell their truth, and to run from their secrets.  Too many leaders have violated the public trust, their board’s trust, their employee’s trust, their client’s, customer’s, and vendor’s trust.  When a leader lives honesty at any cost, they stand out and stand up.


When business leaders are out of alignment with who they are and what they are doing, pain happens, and that pain reveals itself in bad choices, bad management.  When leaders are aligned, much like a body needs to be, they have strength and energy and live creating less pain.


Humility is often minimized in the marketplace, but Jesus demonstrated the power of humility in coming to earth, coming to serve and not be served, taking a towel, and washing other’s feet. Yet He certainly modeled strong, clear, focused, powerful, life changing leadership.


When a leader lives in Christ and not apart from Jesus, powerful and eternal things begin to happen. Jesus said in John 15, apart from Him we can do nothing.  When we obey him and abide, His fruit bears out in our lives and in our workplaces.

Eternal Perspective

When leaders think eternally (some call it infinite thinking), think long term, outside the box, optimistically, they will see opportunities they have been missing, it will have a powerful kingdom impact on every aspect of their leadership. People are eternal beings, staff, clients, etc., and will take on a whole new value.