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Requirements to Become an Edge Partner Company/Leader

Our strategy is that The Edge engages leaders in the marketplace with relationships and truths that are transforming. Out of those times, we ask those leaders to live those truths relationally in their business. As they do, we want them to continue to engage others in a variety of creative settings that takes the Truth beyond their head, down into their hearts and lived out in their life.

1. Sign Statement of Faith Annually

We believe that when leaders set apart Christ as Lord of their life, people will ask them about the hope within them.  We accomplish this by being on the same page in our understanding of Scripture and how the truths of the Bible impact our everyday lives.

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2. Take & Review the Core Values Index (CVI)

When a business leader knows their identity in Christ, that is, who they are and what God created them to do, they discover a confidence that influences all their relationships.  Living out Biblical values in the workplace is one of our greatest means of impact.

3. Participate in the Biblical Worldview for Business Leaders Training

There are five Hallmarks of the Biblical Worldview Companies. Under each, there are three disciplines that we practice as a biblical worldview company: Acknowledge, Serve, Pray, Grow and Give.

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