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Our Distinctives

We are a ministry that gives itself away.

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We Help Business Leaders in All Fields

What We Offer

We trust business leaders to be or to be becoming excellent at their business and we laser focus on their
Kingdom presence in the marketplace. Knowing that as a result of properly aligning their life and business
practices with Jesus’ call on their life will impact their excellence in business.

Open to Anyone

Anyone can use our material at no cost.  Anyone can reprint our material, use our podcasts, sent our devotions out.  We ask that they don't use our name and that they are free to put our material under their name and brand.  While our material is copyrighted, it is copyrighted with permission to use in any way.  We do that to model for them that life is giving, not holding, sharing, not keeping.

Focus on Top Leadership

We believe that God has uniquely placed them to effect the greatest change in the corporate culture. While still acknowledging that every individual in a company is equally important to God.

Christ-Centered Culture

We want to create a business culture where the leader sees themselves called to that place to live
Jesus among those who don't know him. To believe what happens in the hearts of the people who work there is as important as the bottom line.

Accessible to Everyone

We also offer what we do for free. It does not matter if it is a struggling start up or a financially powerful
industry leader.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us for any questions about our programs and services