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We trust business leaders to be or to be becoming excellent at their business and we laser focus on their Kingdom presence in the marketplace. Knowing that as a result of properly aligning their life and business practices with Jesus call on their life will impact their excellence in business.

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The Edge Daily sends a daily verse from Proverbs, along with an uplifting interpretation of how that verse can be applied to our daily lives.

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Daily Proverbs

Join us in a time of reflection and growth through our daily proverbs that provide applicable advice to the challenge of sharing your message in the workpalce.

Daily Proverbs

Challenge Call

The Edge offers multiple opportunities for business leaders to gain knowledge and fellowship with other Christian leaders in the workplace.

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Anyone can use our material at no cost. Anyone can reprint our material, use our podcasts, sent our devotions out. We ask that they don't use our name and that they are free to put our material under their name and brand. While our material is copyrighted, it is copyrighted with permission to use in any way. We do that to model for them that life is giving, not holding, sharing, not keeping.

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