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Our Strategies

Our strategy is that The Edge engages leaders in the marketplace with relationships and truths that are transforming.

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Church Equipping

We work with pastoral staff to challenge and strengthen their faith to be effective leaders and influencers in the church to build up the body of Christ within their ministry.

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At the heart of our ministry, our coaching team works with business influencers individually to develop their strategy and identify potential resources to assist them in pursuing a faith culture in the workplace.

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The Edge mentorships connects business influencers with experienced leaders in a similar background to serve as a resource for demonstrating faith in the workplace.

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Want More Ways to Be Involved?

Get Connected

As business leaders change, so does the culture they work in. When leaders discover "who they are" and "why they are there" they come alive. When they live out the teachings of Jesus and the wisdom of God, people take notice, quietly at first but eventually they start asking questions.

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Law Enforcement Training

We offer special training strategies to law enforcement to serve their community by sharing the love of Christ

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Medical Training

We work with members in the medical field to lead their community as effective Christian leaders

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Legal Professional Training

We work with legal professionals on how to impact their offices and courtrooms for the Kingdom

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