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Legal Professional Training

We work with legal professionals on how to impact their offices and courtrooms for the Kingdom

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Specialized Services for Legal Professionals

What We Offer

The Edge offers specialized leadership training for legal professionals. We aim to empower those individuals through the teachings of Jesus and the wisdom of God to become spiritual leaders in their workplace and the community they serve. We believe living an authentically sets and example for those around them. 

Community Engagement

The Edge recognizes the importance of the legal system’s role in the communities they serve. Our strategy is to engage leaders with the Bible’s teachings to relationally transform those around them through living an authentic lifestyle. 


The Edge mentorships connects lawyers, judges and other professionals in the legal system with experienced leaders in a similar background to serve as a resource for demonstrating faith in their field.

Small Group Meetings

We believe small group meetings allow for leaders and individuals to gather together in fellowship to share their thoughts, struggles, or questions in order to become more effective workplace influencers.   


At the heart of our ministry, our coaching team works with legal influencers individually to develop their strategy and identify potential resources to assist them in pursuing a faith culture in the workplace and community.

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