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Biblical Worldview Company/Leader



  • We believe God created all things for His glory, including this company.
  • We believe that we have all turned away from God, but He sent His Son, Jesus, to redeem us and draw us to Him.
  • We believe that true success and satisfaction comes from conducting our lives and our company in obedience to Him.


  • We see and serve others the way that Christ does.
  • We see and serve our employees as fellow image-bearers of God.
  • We serve the communities where we live and work.


  • We openly praise God for our successes and our failures.
  • We seek God’s wisdom in our decision-making, problem-solving, employee interactions, and customer communications.
  • We pray for the salvation of our leadership, employees, customers, and the lost around the world.


  • We diligently work to multiply the resources God has given us.
  • We prudently grow our organization and our customer base.
  • We believe God allows us to grow as a business so that we can further His kingdom on earth.


  • We provide our customers an exceptional product/service.
  • We generously give our resources to organizations and individuals in need.
  • We give the hope of Jesus to everyone we encounter.

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