Influencing culture for the Kingdom



Challenge men and women in leadership to influence those in their company spiritually by taking their relationship with Jesus to work in highly transferable, relational and exciting ways.


There are Christian business owners, leaders, and influencers who desire to impact their companies for Jesus, but need help in knowing how to do it most effectively in today’s business environment.


  • The Edge Daily: available as an app, or by text, or email; promote its use among employees, vendors, and clients. Create an interest group and/or discussion group consisting of your team, leaders, accountability partner(s), etc. (Available in both Apple IOS and Android app stores)
  • Monthly Call: Held with either Kevin or another ministry professional leading a Bible teaching about how to live out The Edge mission in your workplace.
  • Monthly E-newsletter: This email will offer articles, resources, stories, and insights into how other companies are taking The Edge mission and applying it to their lives and workplaces.
  • Monthly Webinar: Hosted by Kevin or another Edge member who is successfully incorporating The Edge concepts and/or resources in their business environments. They will lead a Bible teaching especially relevant to influencers in the business realm about how to relationally impact a corporate environment with their faith.
  • Individual coaching: This is the heart of The Edge ministry. The Edge team works with a business influencer individually to develop their strategy and identify potential resources to assist them in pursuing a faith culture in their business environment.
  • Mentoring: The Edge team connects business leaders with other, more experienced leaders of faith of similar business backgrounds to coach, mentor, and be a resource to them. The goal in the mentoring process is guiding the mentee in how, in practical ways, to take their faith into their own world of work challenges and opportunities.
  • Iron Sharpening Iron Gatherings: Small group gatherings of 10-20 business influencers to discuss the challenges and solutions in taking their faith into corporate cultures.
  • Be the Edge Breakfast:  An outreach and challenge event to the business community.

To learn more about how to become a “The Edge” company,

or to have Kevin speak at a corporate or industry event, call him at:



The Edge Board of Directors:

Tim Knight: CFO, ITC Holding Company

Natasha Grayden: HR Specialist, Team Cowabunga Dominos

David Johnson: Professional Engineer, Auburn University


The Edge Advisory Board:

Mike Orcutt: President, Team Cowabunga Dominos

Todd Holt: CEO, ITC Holding

Larry Kreider: Founder, The Gathering USA

Dean Collins: President, Point University