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Proverbs 10:12 NASB

I was in a series of conversations yesterday with some of the wisest most successful men I deal with. A common thread that emerged was about flawed leadership. There emerged two very clear perspectives when discussing those types of leaders. One perspective was from the guys who loved the leader they were discussing, in spit of his flaws. They laughed about some of his flaws, I mean they laughed heartily, shaking their heads in wonderment about how powerfully this person was used by God while being so weak in certain other areas. It was obvious they loved and greatly treasured this leader. I found myself thinking, “These are the guys I want in my corner.” In other discussions yesterday with different men, there was a distinct dislike and distrust for the same leader that was totally void the love and respect the first group of men felt. There was an obvious disdain for him. From that perspective, the guys were always looking for something to “catch” the flawed leader with. Something to prove they were right and the leader was “bad”. These people seemed to want to destroy rather than build. Today, love first and let that love cover flaws as you watch your heart and world grow brighter.