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Proverbs 11:1 NASB

God is not a fan of mistreating people. No great revelation there. Fairness and justice are high on God’s list of how we should treat others. This Proverb goes beyond the topic of fairness though. I was never too concerned when my kids would tell me something wasn’t fair. Life’s not fair, so it can become an excuse. We can use that reality to let us off the hook for looking out for our self or our own interest in situations where the rules are fuzzy. The question I always challenged my kids with was ‘but, is it right?’ God has given us clear standards of right and wrong to live by. Fairness becomes completely unimportant when we set our standard at always doing the right thing. Treat people right and they will often times be treated better than fairly. Today, do the next right thing and delight the heart of God.,