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Proverbs 1:12 NIV


This is the goal of those who are out to get you when you walk clean before the Lord in this world. Not a pretty picture. More precisely this is the desire of those who would like you to join their side. Business can be a cutthroat arena. It can be easy to slip into a mindset that destroying the competition will profit your company. It may seem easier to do that than to focus on healthy growth and innovation in your own. God is not on the side of those who look to destroy, devour whole, others. The Biblical World View for business includes growth however, the purpose for that growth is to better resource His kingdom. Devouring others is not His plan to accomplish that. Not long ago I watched an older, very successful CEO of one of The Edge partner companies visiting with a much younger CEO of a direct competitor company. His company was also one of The Edge partner companies. As I listened, the older CEO was asking questions and then sharing advice to help the young CEO grow his business. That flipped the thinking of the typical business owner on its head. You don’t help your competitors be more successful. Now the older CEO certainly was not sharing the “secret sauce”. But, he was certainly engaged in helping this young man think through things that he himself had learned along the road to building his company. That is what God is looking for in his people. Today beware of those who would destroy you and be careful not to join them. BeTheEdge


“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Jesus