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Proverbs 11:27 NASB

Most people want good things for other people. However, in this verse Solomon implies so much more than just that. He literally is telling us to start out early in the morning diligently and purposely pursuing good things for others. I must confess that my day has seldom started out with the challenge of “what good can I strategically bring into others’ lives” – and I’m in the ministry! Whether my calling is selling insurance, making pizzas, or parenting my children, my focus should start with an aggressive desire to do good to everyone I encounter, while pursuing that calling. In other words, I either focus on me – my wants and needs, or others – their wants and needs. It’s hard to focus on both at the same time. God is focused on our good all the time, not His own. As a result, He gave His Son’s life for our eternity. Today, consider how to do good to everyone who interacts with your story; it will bless your soul. We really need a world focused on others’ needs now more than ever before.