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Proverbs 11:4 NIV

Solomon talks a great deal, especially in this proverb, about the paradox between wealth and righteousness. As I’ve shared before God has no problem with wealth in and of itself. He provides great wealth to many of His followers. I recently sat with a wealthy man and his attorney as he wrestled with setting up his will. Both he and the attorney mentioned very sincerely at times how much simpler life could be without the challenges of handling wealth (I wanted to offer to take the burden off his hands, but I maintained professional objectivity, at least outwardly). This proverb created a very real tension for Jesus’s followers when considering the rich young ruler. It can be a very real challenge to us. You see, even though righteousness and wealth need not be opposites there is a very real issue when we utilize unrighteousness means to grow our wealth. Many years ago, I learned of a very successful businessman who ran a legitimate business. However, I also learned that he got his financial start selling drugs. The lack of integrity that let him start out how he did has led him to great heartache and a real inability to celebrate and enjoy his wealth. Today, determine to live righteously and love only God as you let Him author your financial journey while you follow His direction. #BeTheEdge

“You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24b NIV